Featured Project

Visions Health Care


Vision Health Care was featured in the New England Real Estate Journal as the project of the month in the February 2013 Green Buildings Section. This section features projects that are designed to incorporate materials and system that have a more positive effect on the environment as compared with traditional design and construction methods.

Norwood Engineering provided stormwater management design elements that promoted enhancing the water quality of the stormwater runoff as well as promoting stormwater infiltration to recharge the groundwater.

Featured in New England Real estate Journal, February 2013

Design Elements

  • Bioretention Areas / Rain Gardens
    • Pollutant removal of stormwater runoff
    • Remove suspended solids, metals, and nutrients
    • Infiltrate rainfall
    • Enhance site aesthetics
  • Stormwater Infiltration system
    • This system provide underground storage for stormwater runoff. The stored runoff gradually exfiltrates through the system into the subsoil and eventually into the water table. This helps preserve the natural water balance of the site by providing runoff pollution control.
  • Stormwater treatment units
    • These units reduce pollutants in stormwater runoff. They remove sediment and suspended soils, and also reduce the amount of oils in stormwater runoff.
  • Water Quality Swales
    • These swales provide water quality and quantity control benefits.